Huffington Post: Woah Man, There's a Coloring Book for Stoners
"Crayon in one hand, blunt in the other."
Yahoo!: New Coloring Book for Stoners Encourages Oh-So-Mellow Creativity
"Whether or not you partake, you have to admit, the idea is not entirely half-baked. It does have an intense air of relaxation about it."
HungerTV: Inside the Stoner's Coloring Book
"If, when you’re stoned, you need to be colouring in a penguin with a quiff and sunglasses wearing some Argos jewellery and what looks like knock-off Louis Vuitton, then it’s time to put down that blunt and get involved."
"This book is highly recommended to all stoners out there because it is fun and it is therapy! Marijuana is already one of the best medicines on the planet, and so is colour and art therapy. Mixing the two can induce a really beautiful, childlike appreciation for life."
The Stoner Mom: Stoner's Coloring Book Preview
"I totally get it. There is something about coloring that just really feels good for a grownup."
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"We see this being the perfect gift for your significant other or friend/family member you know loves killing time with this kind of thing."