Why a coloring book for stoners?

Often when you get stoned you find yourself doing nothing for hours on end. And there's nothing wrong with that! But this is a way of doing nothing that exercises your creativity and makes you feel productive, plus you get a beautiful piece of art out of it. And coloring all these psychedelic pictures is doubly absorbing if you're baked. Out of personal experience I can say that it is hard to stop coloring once you've started.


Do I have to be stoned to color?

Of course not -- coloring is a fun activity in any state of mind.


What shipping methods are you using?

If you are in the US the book will be shipped Media Mail (2-9 days). If you want expedited shipping, there is a Priority Shipping Option. The books are shipped from Santa Barbara, California.


Indica or Sativa?

It really depends on my state of mind, and what I want out of the high. 


Is there a wholesale price?

Yes, if you are a retailer or distributor who wants to sell the SCB, check out the wholesale preview and pricing or email me at stonerscoloringbook@gmail.com and we can talk.


Where can I preview more of the book?

Check out the instagram feed, @stonercoloringbook (https://www.instagram.com/stonercoloringbook) to see lots of pictures from the book, both colored in and black and white. Or, hit up the Preview page to see a low-fi video of all the pages of the book.


Also, if you're too high -- try coloring outside the lines :)