Strange Origins

The original stoner’s coloring book was lost by Greek explorers in the 13th century. The explorers were toasting their long day by smoking the peace pipe and doing some light coloring when a sandstorm swept through camp. They disappeared – along with the coloring book. Scholars heard rumors of such a book, but could not make heads or tails of the thing. But recently, a strange Phoenician tablet was discovered and translated into modern languages and the stoner’s coloring book was recovered. In a strange twist of fate, recovering this long-lost treasure was funded on Kickstarter and is now available to the public.

Composed of original artwork and submissions from nine artists, the Stoner's Coloring Book is psychedelic, graffiti-inspired, and oven-toasted like a delicious banana bread. 

  • Sometimes you feel all crafty and shit but lack the motivation to start from scratch. Coloring is a perfect way to get creative without the hassle!
  • Coloring is therapeutic and meditative
  • This book has hidden emojis on its spine and inside its pages
  • You'll be supporting young artists
  • This is the only coloring book with an age minimum. 18+ please.


Here are some sample pages to preview the book:

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